Product Photography

So you have a product to show off, you need professional photos, and the quick snapshots and Instagram filter just isn’t going to cut it? No problem, stand back, I’m a professional! I love the challenges of Product Photography, getting the lighting just right, the splash perfect, the reflection clear.  Showing a product off at it’s best is an art form all it’s own, and one I enjoy doing.  Take the El Dorado rum image for example.  Took 14 takes to get that splash “just right”.  Why 14 takes? Because on the 15th try we broke the glass. Don’t worry, no rum was hurt during the making of that image.

Product work is a new direction for me, so full disclosure: All sample shots are my own here. No relationship exists or existed between me and the companies whose products I photographed. But these are examples of what I can do, so if you like them and would like to discuss how I might be able to help you, lets chat. While I’m a bit relaxed in attitude I promise my Product Photography is serious stuff