Glamour Photography / Pin Up Photography / Boudoir Photography

What’s the difference? There is an art to glamour photography. You want your subject to feel glamorous, powerful and beautiful. Pin Up’s are a more fun and playful type of photography, often inspired by classic artists like Vargas and Elvgren. Boudoir photography is more intimate, a way to see yourself as a powerful, feminine woman who embraces her sexuality with passion. All 3 types are different, yet share characteristics and often overlap.  I enjoy doing all three types, and do my utmost to show you, you.

Two of my inspirations are Jen Rozenbaum and Sue Bryce. Jen, who is one of the best boudoir photographers in the world and one of my inspirations puts it this way: “All women can celebrate their unique femininity, shamelessly!”. Sue who is one of the best glamour photographers in the world (and another inspiration) has made it her mission to help women see themselves as beautiful. “I don’t just take photos. I show women what’s inside them; when that comes forward, that is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.” she says. That’s what I want to do.

My glamour, pin up and boudoir photography is available through our dedicated website Buffalo Boudoir as well as at Queen City Pinups. If you are interested in commissioning your own session, or one for a friend, lets chat.

Every woman deserves to feel strong, sexy, confident. Especially You!



Glamour & Boudoir