Classic Portraits

Print your Photos, your family will thank you - Bob Hubbard, Buffalo NY PhotographerClassic portraits cover a number of niches: Senior portraits, family portraits, children’s portraiture, executive portraits and more. I don’t differentiate, to me they all have the same core needs. Good lighting, a flattering pose and a sparkle in the eyes. Portraits are my specialty, my art. I believe that everyone deserves to exist in photos, specifically print photos. We all take hundreds if not thousands of photos each year. It’s easy, just grab your phone, point, click, done.  But we rarely ever print those photos, in fact, we often never back them up, so if the phone dies, is lost or stolen, we lose all those moments, forever. We are taking photos more than ever, but they’re nearly all digital files with very few tangible prints being produced.

By now we know that digital never means safe, yet millions of memories are currently being entrusted to servers, clouds and phones. The risk could be felt by our entire generation, as we grow up without a printed, photographic record of our lives. The most photographed generation of all time could wind up being the next Lost Generation. My job isn’t done until your portrait has been printed, matted, framed and hung on your wall for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.