My name is Bob Hubbard and I am a professional photographer, currently residing in Buffalo NY.  I’ve been shooting a wide range of subject for almost a decade now and this site is dedicated to some of my personal interests and subjects. Thank you for visiting this site.

If you are here looking for my Martial Arts work, please visit MartialPhotos and While I may post a few images and articles here, most of those will be found at the dedicated areas.

Likewise, if you are looking for my Wedding, Event or Portrait work, please visit our studio site for those. While a few images will be shown here, Hubbard Photography’s main site can best serve your needs in those areas.

What will you will find here?

Photos of subjects that I personally enjoy shooting. The things that inspire me, that challenge me, that I enjoy the most.

What are those?


Lonely Trees
Landscapes and Waterscapes. I enjoy the beauty of the out doors, and love being surrounded by greenery. Alone in the woods with my camera, chancing to stumble across a hidden creek or discover a waterfall, these are the things that make my heart sing.

Chickamaugua Cannon
Warbirds and Heavy Metal. Ever since I was a child I was a lover of history, specifically military history. I love visiting old battlefields, air shows and museums. I try to capture the spirit and honor the memories of those who fought and often died for the freedoms I enjoy.

Ashley poster 9633
Model Photography. I enjoy working with models. The challenge of trying to find perfection, the perfect shot, the perfect light. I love capturing beauty and working with beautiful women. Past projects have included posters, calendars and web content, as well as portfolio development and artistic experimentation.

Art Photography. There is beauty, and art in so many different places. I try to constantly see things differently, to explore, to challenge myself. Some of my work is with nature, close ups of rocks and trees with lines and shadows that create unique and interesting shapes.

Equipment: I shoot primarily with Canon DSLR’s and lenses, AlienBee and Canon lighting in the studio, and natural light whenever possible. Images are processed on an iMac using Photoshop and a combination of custom and commercial tools.

A little bit about Bob: I got my start in photography late, using a pocket point-and-shoot camera to take pictures of people in costumes at science fiction and anime cons. One of my clients needed a photographer to cover his martial arts events, and over the years I’ve improved both my equipment and skills. The last 5 years I’ve been working with a growing number of mentors to really learn more about photography, as well as working with friends, amateur and professional models to develop my unique styles of portraiture.  In 2010 my wife and I formalized our photographic partnership and we now cover a range of social events, sporting events, and portraiture, as well as continuing to shoot landscapes, waterscapes, ren fairs and more.  I do not consider myself an expert in photography in that there’s always something new to learn or try. I do believe I’m a good photographer, and my work speaks for itself. I value honesty, professionalism and courtesy highly and hold myself to very high standards in my work.  Please take a look through my site here as examples of my work are scattered through out, as well as located in several galleries for easy viewing.

Now, lets shoot 😀

A word about nudity.
Some of my work involves nudity. Most of it does not. There is nothing obscene in the nude. Artists since the beginning of recorded history have found art and inspiration in the beauty of the human form. Some will say that nudity is wrong, that it is somehow obscene or pornographic. To them I say, go to another site, please. Michelangelo created classical works of art, including his famous “David”, Victorian Art was full of nudes, and the ancient Greeks and Romans made tens of thousands of epic sculptures celebrating the greatness of the human body. While I don’t place my work in this area as yet in the realm of these true masters, it is to their level of achievement that I aspire. The majority of my work here will be non-nude, and most of what I do post here that does involve nudity will be protected, so that only those who need to see it (serious prospects, models and my small fan base) can see it.